Just for Fun: GUIQueue

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I wanted to create a tool for Unity that would help display a list of text to the user and fade out over time. A common thing found in today’s games. I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to implement so I had the urge to throw the code together. Soon I will have it available for free for anyone with Unity to use. For now I just wanted to show it off.

There are two GUIQueues in the demo scene. One of them will spout off random sentences and push them off into the distance at random intervals. All of the sentences are random and the validity of them are completely unknown. So don’t sue me if you are offended. The second appears in the top-left-hand corner of the screen. New messages appear when you press the plus-sign key on your number pad. It will display a random number of points as if you earned them (after all, you deserve them after the hard task of pressing a key and all). Read More

From The Archive – OpenGL Demo Scene

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I am currently reading through OpenGL SuperBible and it reminded me of a project I worked on a while back which I was quite proud of. It was my first real steps into learning OpenGL. It originated as a class project where we were required to display a triangle on the screen using OpenGL. Not satisfied with that, I elaborated on it and ended up with my OpenGL Demo Scene project. Go ahead and check out the project page to see more of it and download a demo scene I put together.

Shadow Dynasty is Available for Download

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Today was senior project presentation, and everyone’s projects were great! My group and I were also very happy with how our presentation turned out and we were happy to let everyone see our final product. If you haven’t already, download and play our game. Then let us know what you liked by sending us an email at shadowdynasty@derydoca.com, or just say it to our face if you know us. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to tend to some neglected games of mine.

Check Out Our Game Shadow Dynasty at GDC Austin 2010

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Unfortunately we can’t be there in Austin showing off our game at GDC, but Tim Harrington, Dean of the Game and Simulation Degree here at DeVry is at the show with our game on display. I’m hoping to hear some feedback about the game, good and bad, which is why we created the email for our project Shadow Dynasty. If you have gone to GDC and played our game, please send an email to shadowdynasty@derydoca.com and let me know your impressions of the game and I will relay it to the rest of the team. We will be releasing the game October 20th (nearly two weeks from now) and it will be available for free, so check back then and get the full experience of Shadow Dynasty! We are excited to finally announce it and show it off to the masses. You can read more about the game, our team 2D Realms, and see some screenshots over at ShadowDynasty.derydoca.com. Thanks for checkin’ us out!

E3 Days 2 and 3

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Now that E3 is over with, I have finally had the chance to finish uploading my pictures. We saw some really cool things on the last two days. We got to get our hands on some 3DS units and demo out some games and trailers and it looks impressive. I will be buying it when it releases to market.

There were also some really cool looking cosplay costumes out there, and some other cool tech but the best thing we came across was randomly seeing Shigeru Miyamoto testing out Microsoft’s Kinect. He was demoing Ubisoft’s fitness game and I was able to snap a couple pictures and get some video. There were friends of Miyamoto blocking the view whenever they saw a camera pop out so I wasn’t able to get a clear picture of him. However, I did record some video feed of him playing on an external monitor.

E3 was incredible, awesome and exhausting. I can’t wait for next year’s event!

E3 Day 1

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Day one for E3 is over and it was a good day. I won’t go over everything because there are people that get paid to report on that kind of stuff, but I got to see a lot of cool stuff. I caught a few 3D screens, saw the Microsoft Kinect in action, snapped some pictures of some gaming celebs, got some cool swag and tortured my feet. Go ahead and check out my E3 pics by clicking here. You can also save yourself some time and go straight to the best picture of the gallery so far.


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Tomorrow I embark on my first adventure into the world of E3. Now, by the time people read this E3 will be either in progress or over (sadly it does have to end). To those of you in the future you may have stumbled on my website by either talking to me on the E3 floor or somehow snagged a business card of mine. And to those lucky people I welcome you.

As a nonpartisan gamer, I look forward to what all the big companies are going to be showing off. I may trade in my “fat” 360 for that sleek new redesign along with a Kinect later this year. So far I was impressed with all of Microsoft’s keynotes and I am hoping Playstation and Nintendo wow me too. I’ll likely end up getting the Playstation Move along with the Nintendo 3DS when they release, so being able to get a sneak peak at the hardware beforehand is going to be awesome (and remind my wallet of the impending damage).

As always, feel free to comment, especially if you are an E3 acquaintance of mine.

Welcome People of Earth

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Hello planet Earth. Welcome to my new domain! My name is Derrick Canfield if you haven’t gathered that already and this is my personal portfolio page. You will notice that there are things that appear to be incomplete. Thats because this domain is in it’s infancy. Be gentle with the website for now and you will see it quickly grow and flourish with my work, old and new. Feel free to leave me some comments on your thought of my page!