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Tomorrow I embark on my first adventure into the world of E3. Now, by the time people read this E3 will be either in progress or over (sadly it does have to end). To those of you in the future you may have stumbled on my website by either talking to me on the E3 floor or somehow snagged a business card of mine. And to those lucky people I welcome you.

As a nonpartisan gamer, I look forward to what all the big companies are going to be showing off. I may trade in my “fat” 360 for that sleek new redesign along with a Kinect later this year. So far I was impressed with all of Microsoft’s keynotes and I am hoping Playstation and Nintendo wow me too. I’ll likely end up getting the Playstation Move along with the Nintendo 3DS when they release, so being able to get a sneak peak at the hardware beforehand is going to be awesome (and remind my wallet of the impending damage).

As always, feel free to comment, especially if you are an E3 acquaintance of mine.