Check Out Our Game Shadow Dynasty at GDC Austin 2010

By October 6, 2010 March 5th, 2018 No Comments

Unfortunately we can’t be there in Austin showing off our game at GDC, but Tim Harrington, Dean of the Game and Simulation Degree here at DeVry is at the show with our game on display. I’m hoping to hear some feedback about the game, good and bad, which is why we created the email for our project Shadow Dynasty. If you have gone to GDC and played our game, please send an email to and let me know your impressions of the game and I will relay it to the rest of the team. We will be releasing the game October 20th (nearly two weeks from now) and it will be available for free, so check back then and get the full experience of Shadow Dynasty! We are excited to finally announce it and show it off to the masses. You can read more about the game, our team 2D Realms, and see some screenshots over at Thanks for checkin’ us out!