Shadow Dynasty is now available for download! The entire team hope you enjoy this game as much as we did with making it!

Download for Windows
Download for Mac

Play it in your browser! [Requires Unity plugin]

About Our Team

Derrick Canfield

Lead Programmer, Project Manger

“I am the project manager and lead programmer for Shadow Dynasty. We are excited to finally show off our game that we have spent so much time developing. Even with over three years of software development, working on this project has taught me many things like team management, artificial intelligence and what crunch time really means. I also learned the awesome tool that is Unity which is the game engine of choice for Shadow Dynasty. Working with our team, 2D Realms, has been eventful, educational and fun and I can’t wait to get in the industry and grow my skill set further. Feel free to send me an email or browse my website. Thank you!” -Derrick Canfield

Monica Ayala

Lead Game Designer

“Hello World! I am Monica Ayala, a very simple yet energetic female that enjoys adventure. My primary hobbies are reading, writing, video games, music, movies, scrapbooking, and best of all going to school because I personally think that we can never get enough education. So far the best experience I had in my educational career was at DeVry with my team 2D Realms. Being in a team is interesting and fun; too much to learn from each other and best of all we work together to create video games.” -Monica Ayala

Hector Carreon

Lead Audio Designer

“Hello fellow gamers, my name is Hector Carreon, I am the lead audio designer for “Shadow Dynasty”. I have been a gamer 4 life and later on got involved in two fields that I have a deep passion for, computers and science. One day when I watched the movie “Grandma’s Boy” it inspired me to explore the other side of the gaming world of not just playing, but also the aspect of creating. My experience here at DeVry has been an awesome experience meeting fellow gamers from all genres, learning new styles of gaming such as, card games, role playing, mutli-player,etc. I also gained first hand experience with socializing with fellow gamers and getting a better insight in how they see what game and playing should be like. Our Project “Shadow Dynasty” has been my best learning experience, showing me how to implement team work, dedication, responsibility, inspiration and creativity. As lead audio designer I have been learning and understanding the processes first hand, understanding and transforming ones vision into a reality, the art of collaboration. At Devry the best part is learning and doing what I love to do which is; develop stories, art, cinema tics, programming, level design and of COURSE the creation of audio.” -Hector Carreon

Agustin Haro

Lead Graphics Designer

“Hi everyone, I’m Agustin Haro AKA Jr. I am the lead graphic designer and Lead Animator for Shadow Dynasty. I am happy to be a part of a great team that can work together to accomplish a great game and that has devoted so many hours into this game. In the process of creating this game I have learned many new thing. For example, how to use Motion Builder in conjunction with 3ds max in order to have all the models work in the Unity engine. There has been many sleepless night spent working on this game but I never regret them and can’t wait to get into the industry and work in either programming, animating, or model creation.” -Agustin Haro